Spicing up the ready‑meal market.

Mauritian food entrepreneur, Kevin Vanthem was looking to transport the fresh and exciting flavours of his native country’s cuisine to UK’s homes. Our job was to create a unique and visually rich brand identity to make its entrance on a shelf next to more commonly known world flavours. We came up with the name, Zoli-Zoli meaning beautiful-beautiful in Mauritian Creole and a vibrant and lively aesthetic to reflect the personality of this colourful island and its zingy food flavours.



It’s long been a dream of mine to bring the amazing Mauritian food from my childhood to people’s kitchens in the UK. Working with Bright&Bold to create my brand has been an amazing step towards making that a reality.

They’ve been fantastic to work with as they’ve been as enthusiastic and passionate as me throughout this journey. They helped me find the essence of the brand through digging deep into Mauritian culture and created a fantastic design that reflects the fun, joyous nature of the Mauritian food scene that I love.
Kev Vantham
Founder & Owner Zoli-Zoli